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Who Choose Scandiatek?

  • Too much testosterone? We are very female friendly. You will be treated with the respect and politeness you deserve. Our customers ask great auto repair questions and we are more than happy to answer them.
  • Need it fast and done right? Years of skilled management systems coupled with quality personel produces auto repair work done quickly.
  • Need less stress? We offer loaners for only $5.00/day. No need to bug friends or family for rides.
  • Want to keep more money? We save you REAL money through quality auto repair & workmanship, thorough inspections, and honest relationships.
  • Want experience? We've been in business since 1980, providing BMW & Saab repair to the Denver Metro area, all because more people just like you choose us.
  • Need less confusion? We have the most complete, legible, and informative auto repair orders. You will clearly understand what we have done and why.... BEFORE we do it.
  • Looking for skill? Our auto repair experience spans from the 70s to the most recent vehicles serving Denver, CO. We have a HUGE wealth of up to date skills, data, and knowledge for BMW & Saab repair.
  • Is guessing cheap? We have the finest technical and diagnostic equipment, and information systems. No expensive guessing. We have the resources for truthful value.
  • Want someone who cares? ScandiaTek offers a very unique customer relations technique that no others do. You'll love how you're treated and feel about your auto repair service.
  • Positive motivation? All of our personnel are paid salaries and NOT flat rate. It's the only way to ensure honesty and quality BMW & Saab repair, as it rewards it.
  • How long do you wait for your appointment? We limit our customer base to the number of customers we can give great and quick service too throught the Denver Metro area. I doubt ANY shop does this. Your time is valuable to us as well.
  • As a responsible recycler, we have always been "Green".
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