Our Advantages

Complete Inspections & Diagnostics

We provide complete inspections and diagnostics to fix your vehicle right, the first time. We provide clear estimates before starting any service or repairs.

Professional, State Of The Art Service

We provide pictures and clear communication on needed repair and service. Our Work is of high quality and is thorough, backed by complete warranties. 

Convenient Added Services 

We provide low cost rental vehicles. Complete work quickly. We make time for emergency visits and are focused on our customers getting personal service.

Backed By Integrity & Honesty

We are honest to the extreme end. We are a small and personal auto care facility. We provides extra's at no charge and focus on friendly, comfortable visits.

About Us

We carefully set our pricing at the best possible balance point between quality BMW & Saab auto repair, honest work, and customer affordability. That's no easy task. Deception and fantasy is far easier to sell. We have been seeing an increase in bad work, price and auto repair deception, and even flat out rip-offs. In almost every case the customer had used only a low price to make their decision. Vehicle ownership is becoming more costly. It's just a fact of life. OUR pricing will reflect TRUE value for you. However, that's just a number... the real value with us is in the relationship.... NO price can be set on honesty.

Female Friendly

Highly Rated

Customer Centered

Locally Owned

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Warning: Straight Talk

Here's what we don't do when it comes to automotive service and repair.

We Don't Give Estimates Over The Phone. We Won't Bait And Switch. We Won't Be Wolves In Sheepskins. We Won't Install Customer Provided Parts. We Won't Follow Anyone Else's Diagnosis. We Won't Steal Your Money. We Won't Claim To Be Perfect. We Won't Hack.
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