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Why ScandiaTek
  • Too much testosterone? We are very female friendly. You will be treated with the respect and politeness you deserve. Our customers ask great questions and we are more than happy to answer them.
  • Need it fast and done right?  Years of skilled management systems coupled with quality personel produces work done quickly.
  • Need less stress? We offer loaners for only $5.00/day. No need to bug friends or family for rides.
  • Want to keep more money? We save you REAL money through quality workmanship, thorough inspections, and honest relationships.
  • Want experience? We've been in business since 1980, all because more people just like you choose us.
  • Need less confusion? We have the most complete, legible, and informative repair orders. You will clearly understand what we have done and why.... BEFORE we do it. 
  • Looking for skill? Our automotive experience spans from the 70s to the most recent. We have a HUGE wealth of up to date skills, data, and knowledge.
  • Is guessing cheap? We have the finest technical and diagnostic equipment, and information systems. No expensive guessing. We have the resouces for truthful value.
  • Want someone who cares? ScandiaTek offers a very unique customer relations technique that no others do. You'll love how you're treated and feel about your service.
  • Positive motivation? All of our personel are paid salaries and NOT flat rate. It's the only way to ensure honesty and  quality as it rewards it.
  • How long do you wait for your appointment? We limit our customer base to the number of customers we can give great and quick service too. I doubt ANY shop does this. Your time is valuable to us as well.
  • As a responsible recycler, we have always been "Green".
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Services we offer: Factory services, leak repairs, Waterpumps, Fuel Systems, Tuneup, Brakes, Oil Services, Engine and Transmission Repair, Batteries, Electrical Repairs, Air Conditioning, Climate Control, Computer Management Systems, suspension, Timing & Drive Belts, lights... and many more....
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WARNING! Straight talk

Things we don't do:

  • We don't give estimates over the phone. Why?

We need to see your car to accurately estmate a repair. We are sticklers about accuracy. Do you really need what someone else says you need? How immediate is the need? Is it more or less intensive? Is there something else going on that's more important? If you are just price shopping without concern for other values, we are not the cheapest. If you are trying to find out who gives the best value, you'll need to try us to find out. We'll work hard to prove we are, which is the way it's suppose to happen. Every month we get in cars that don't need what others have told them...

  • We won't bait and switch

Coupons. Discounts. It's all hocus pocus. What you loose on one thing you must make up for on something else. It also promotes cheating. Furniture gets marked way up then "discounted". It's just a game to get you in the door. We want to "earn" your business, not fool you into it. However, we will be the first to invest into a new customer relationship with an inspection of their car. It costs us about $120. The reason it's an investment is because we hope to -earn- a return. We get a return because most people find it valuable to learn about us and their cars needs and "return". Because you are so important, WE spend the first buck.

  • We won't be wolves in sheepskins

Modern cars are very complex. The equipment to work on them, and the cost of running an honest business, is very expensive. This is reality. There is always someone out there "cheaper" or willing to commit financial suicide, or ready to trick you. The real problems are the shops that lure you in with an artificial low price just to zap you once your there. We are priced honestly and fairly everytime which is still competitive with other quality shops.

  • We won't install customer provided parts

We must provide the parts in order to warranty the work and be covered by our insurance... and we never do work we cannot warranty. We must make a profit on parts and labor, like all shops, to stay in business. Of course you can buy the same part cheaper. But can you diagnose, install and warranty it? What happens if we install your part and it fails, or doesn't fix the car? I mean really, would you go into a resturant with your own steak and ask the chef to cook it up?

  • We won't follow anyone else's diagnosis

You will rightfully demand that we warranty our work. We can't if the other shop, or you, were wrong about what was needed, and it doesn't fix the car.... with ours we can. Misdagnosis occurs too often. If we do it and are wrong, you don't pay! We have found that many times diagnosis from other shops was wrong and slanted at selling unneeded parts.

  • We won't steal your money

We turn certain kinds of work away as politley as we can. If we can not be of value to you, we would rather have no work, than to "steal" work. Fixing a $500 widget on a 200,000 mile car with the transmission failing is what I'm talking about. Getting that same car in for the first time not running, and not being able to test drive it first, is another example. Never ever be insulted if we say no thanks. Ethics, accuracy and completeness are more important than profit.

  • We won't claim to be perfect

While we are good at our jobs, we are humans and we make mistakes. But we always admit and correct those mistakes if given a chance to. Understand that even the medical profession makes mistakes. Car repair is NOT an exact science and cars are FAR from perfect in design. We'll earn your trust when things go well... and even if they don't.

  • We won't Hack

Hacking is doing the lowest quality, patch it together work possible. It is happening more often these days. The owner is happy until it fails again, which it usually does in a short amount of time. The other problem is that hack work usually causes problems with other associated parts and systems. In hack work incorrect and/or used parts are installed, or things bypassed making diagnosis and other work almost impossible, adding expense in the future. This causes other failures... and so on. In the end, no one wins and everyone is mad. We are getting in more cars to straighten out these days where it is too late. We do it right or we will not do it at all.
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303.237.8090 Serving the greater Denver Metro area
Automotive repair and services
Serving the Denver Metro area including Lakewood, Golden, Wheatridge, Evergreen, Genesee, Littleton, Arvada, Ken Caryl and more....
Female Friendly!

7999 west 16th Ave Lakewood Co 80214
  • Open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday
  • Offering after hours pick up and drop off available.
  • American Express / Visa/Mastercard / Checks/Cash
  • Extended warranties
  • For Tows call RUSH TOWING at 303.877.7885
Scandiatek owner Mark Kline
Competitively priced for quality work
Competitively priced for quality work
Calling a shop and asking about what they charge

Read this article below for some education on price scams
We carefully set our pricing at the best possible balance point between quality, honest work, and customer affordability. That's no easy task. Deception and fantasy is far easier to sell. We have been seeing an increase in bad work, price and repair deception, and even flayout rippoffs. In almost every case the customer had used only low price to make their decision. Vehicle ownership is becoming more costly. It's just a fact of life. OUR pricing will reflect TRUE value for you. However, that's just a number... the real value with us is in the relationship.... NO price can be set on honersty.
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